Production on Demand and Video on Demand services with USRN

United Stations, a leader in radio services, now offers Production on Demand with Video on Demand, to assist with making custom content ready for multi-platform.

Here is the full song we produced:

Here is an aircheck of use on air and teasing video on social:

Here is their post on Facebook, and the actual video:


At United Stations we want to give you options.

  • You can storyboard a video and send us the shots and let us assemble it
  • We can storyboard a video and assemble the shots you send us (below)
  • We can make a video to a piece of audio you already have (i.e. a daily promo)
  • We can produce both the audio and the video entirely

Let our skilled production staff take the work off your plate. Below is an example of a storyboard we sent to a client and the completed video after they sent us back the shots.


And here are some other samples of our production work:

For more information, contact Stefan Jones at (212) 536-3647, or