As the legalization of sports wagering sweeps the country, fans scour the media and web for more. More inside sports, more statistics, more analysis, more news and updates, more credibility.

Sports Garten Network and United Stations have teamed up to bring you exciting and engaging sports and sports wagering content to address this need.

In the long-form category, we have Wanna Bet?!, delivered as a weekly two-hour weekend show, or a M-F daily one to four hour show.

If a shortform feature is what you are looking for, Best Bets is a one minute daily feature breaking down the best bet for the day -- both hosted by renowned sports analyst and handicapper Tom Barton!

Check out the samples below, and contact your USRN rep for more info, or call us at (212) 536-3673.

Wanna Bet?!

1-4 hours M-F

Find out more.

Wanna Bet?! Weekend Edition

2 hrs weekly

Find out more.

SGN Best Bets

1 minute daily M-F

Find out more.

For more information, contact Stefan Jones at (212) 536-3647, or