Now celebrating its 14th year, the world famous HardDriveXL delivers... hands down... the absolute BEST radio show for the Rock/Active Rock audience! The show is led by Lou Brutus -- a Rock radio legend, an award winning host and a true Renaissance man! Lou is highly respected and loved in the music industry - from bands to radio to record label peeps. His interview skills are razor sharp, inquisitive and humorous... always keeping guests -- the likes of Foo Fighters, Metallica, Lzzy Hale, Papa Roach, The Pretty Reckless, Sevendust, Pop Evil, Godsmack, Royal Bliss, Seether, Maynard Keenan, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, and so many more -- engaged and spontaneously talking up a storm on live radio! Lou connects with listeners through his love of the format, his wealth of knowledge and his deep friendships with so many artists. HardDriveXL is more like an air shift with that cool local jock whom you WANT to hear speak in between the songs, lending to a ratings winner for affiliates.

HardDriveXL fills that weeknight 7pm to midnight daypart to keep your P1s rocking throughout the week, featuring an A-level artist each night, contests, exclusive interviews, regular contesting and giveaways, tour announcements, and cool benchmark features. HardDriveXL has a 2 hour weekend counterpart, HardDrive, and combined they are broadcast on 120 happy stations. Playing a cool music mix of air-tested chart-toppers to new releases straight out of the box in the format. Both shows continue to deliver the numbers in all the key demos for Active Rock!

Bonus facts... Lou is an accomplished photographer of both Rock bands and of Major League Baseball, with a photo book in the making.  His book Sonic Warrior: My Life as a Rock and Roll Reprobate was released in April 2020. Lou is a voting member of NARAS for the Grammys and is the world’s best pet daddy to #DarlaTheWonderDog too! Most of all, he has radio in his blood and is guaranteed to amp up your nights! So, what do you say... let’s bring HardDriveXL home!


"Content is king and when your night guy is talking to the guys in Metallica, AC/DC and The Foo Fighters nightly your CONTENT is the King.  Lou Brutus is a brilliant radio personality that understands writing, prep and preveity.  That is what separates HardDriveXL from a sea of that was...This is...On the way... grocery list readers.  The voice tracker says "Here's ACDC Back in Black on blah blah blah.  Lou has Brian Johnson FROM ACDC on the line singing happy birthday TO LOU! That is real rock lifestyle programming and content!” -Randy Hawke / PD WJJO / Madison, WI

“HardDriveXL is the ONLY show out there that ROCKS nights; which is what a nighttime radio is supposed to do. All wrapped up by an instantly relatable, Rock storyteller, and stunningly handsome host,  Lou Brutus.” -Russ Mottla / PD KFMW – Cedar Rapids, IA

" Lou continues to deliver compelling Rock Radio everyday! His knowledge of the music , relationships with the artist, and Rock N Roll stories that can only be told from Lou himself. Programming is always on point for exactly what we do at Q Rock, giving the latest and greatest in New Releases while still supporting the Gold Records of Rock. Give yourself a short break and let Lou and HardDriveXL take a shift." -Mark "Elwood" Mailler  / PD WRXQ – Chicago, IL

"Having the legendary Lou Brutus on the air at night is just something that can't be matched, his brand of entertainment along with the music that Active Rock listeners know and love at a time of day where we'd have to go with just music if it wasn't for Lou and HardDriveXL is priceless." -Cutter / APD-MD / Green Bay-Appleton, WI


WZOR/Green Bay- Appleton, WI – Fall 2020   **  #2 Males 18-44

KFMW/Cedar Radids, IA – Fall 2020  **  #1 12+ AND  #1 Men 25-54  AND  #1 Adults 25-54



Live/Pre-tape: Live

Show Structure: Fully Produced

Delivery: Satellite

Length: 5 Hours Daily

Format(s): Active Rock

Music: 12-13 songs an hour

Daypart: Nights

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