The Ed Lover Experience

The Ed Lover Experience

Ed Lover is among the most recognizable faces and voices of hip-hop from MTV beginning in the late 80s and now as a radio host in NYC, Chicago, and Atlanta. The Ed Lover Experience examines stories from the past, comedic takes on life in the present, and gems the audience can carry into the future. The first three hours contain benchmarks, and the final hour is pure momentum-driven entertainment shorts. The Ed Lover experience is a full-body show presented by one of the pillars of hip-hop media.


Daily Benchmarks:

Words from the OG is a segment based on Ed's life experience working within the music and entertainment industries for over 30 years. These parables are entertainment and guidance for all walks of life. (Hour 1)

Ed's Inspiration is a moment for the audience to receive a mindful pause in the day that ranges from motivation to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether the listener is going through trying times themselves or can pass it on to friends and loved ones, this segment provides a sonic hug to all listening. (Hour 2)

Three Random Facts is a deep dive into three news stories. Ed shares his comedic insights and commentary that go beyond the headlines as he articulates his opinions in conjunction with the facts, leaving the audience with knowledge and laughs. (Hour 3)


Live/Pre-tape: Pre-taped

Show Structure: Segments

Delivery: Digital Download/ Mr. Master

Length: 4 Hours Daily

Format(s): Classic Hip-Hop/Throwbacks

Music: 12-14 songs an hour

Daypart: Nights

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