Rob + Holly

Rob + Holly
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Get ready for the VIP treatment as ACM Award-winning personalities, Rob + Holly, connect you with your favorite Country artists every weeknight! Join the high-energy duo as they keep your nights interesting with one-of-a-kind artist interviews, the latest Country news and real-life anecdotes from their own eventful lives.

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Rob and Holly deliver your listeners topical, funny engaging content and access to ALL the country stars. 

Behind The Song: Rob & Holly talk to Country Music's best songwriters and artists and get the real story behind the hits

Just the Tip Tuesday: learn all the latest life hacks!  One helpful tip is shared every Tuesday

Garth Brooks Neighbor: Crystal is GBN and she shares all the fun gossip about what is going on at Garth Brooks house!

WTF Headlines: you are not going to believe these stories!!

Last Laugh: Every night in the 11pm hour a comedian stops by and shares a laugh with the audience.

Artist Takeovers (FRIDAY ONLY): The hottest artists are hanging out with Rob and Holly on Friday nights and sharing a couple of their songs with you and amazing stories!  A lot of these stories have been picked up by other media outlets!!


Live/Pre-tape: Pre-taped

Show Structure: Segments

Delivery: Digital Download/Mr. Master

Show Length: 5 Hours

Format(s): Country

Music: Programmed by affiliate

Recommended DayPart: Evenings

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