Universal Comedy Network

Universal Comedy Network

Universal Comedy Network is your one-stop prep service for all your on-air and online needs. Each day UCN produces the highest quality, most topical, short-form audio comedy in the radio business. Our fully customizable and PPM Friendly bits include:

    • Song parodies
    • Interactive Comedy Bits
    • Commercial Parodies
    • Fake Movie Trailers
    • Character Features
    • Daily Almanac (A Star is Born)
    • Found Sound
  • All of our bits include mix-outs that allow your talent to provide voices on our bits - truly making them a part of your show. 
  • PLUS - Gain access to our searchable bit archive with thousands of bits. 


We’re also proud to deliver our extensive, comprehensive, and user-friendly written prep. Every day you'll receive over 20 pages of:

    • One-Liners
    • Celebrity News
    • Music News
    • Water Cooler Talk 
    • Last Week in Fake News
    • Our Weird World
    • Lifestyle News 
    • Who Am I?
    • Impossible Question
    • Box Office Report
    • Best TiVo Bets 
    • Timeline 
    • Celebrity Birthdays 
    • Cool Stuff to Share on Social Media

For more information, contact Stefan Jones at 212-536-3647
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