Acoustic Storm



Award-winning radio producer Jeff Parets created an original program of acoustic-based rock that performs especially well on Classic Rock, Classic Hits and Adult Hits formats. THE BEST VARIETY OF ACOUSTIC ROCK! Now, after Jeff’s passing, his long-time partner Audrey Parets has taken over the producing and hosting roles and continues in Jeff’s tradition.

The Acoustic Storm has always delivered a well-paced and musically-balanced program, featuring a unique blend of acoustic-based hits and album tracks from familiar and sometimes overlooked artists. With an emphasis on acoustic guitar-driven songs, Audrey presents the best variety of acoustic-rock each week, including rarely-heard "unplugged" recordings of classic tunes in their purest form.

The Acoustic Storm’s texture is ideal for weekend programming, while the acoustic and unplugged versions refresh and support the classic hits you depend upon throughout the week.

The Acoustic Storm is often topical, including timely news and background information on artists. When George Harrison passed away, an entire program was dedicated to his life and music.

The Acoustic Storm frequently incorporates creative themes through music; during Oscar week, acoustic-rock from the movies is featured.  Theme-related acoustic tunes are also played to honor important dates in rock history and celebrate holidays (including An Acoustic Storm Christmas).

The Acoustic Storm draws upon the depth and heritage of the classic hits of rock to present one-of-a-kind programming that cultivates listener loyalty.


The Acoustic Storm spotlights a different artist every week with bio information, sound bites and music in "The Eye of The Acoustic Storm." This popular segment, scheduled once each hour, offers another local sponsorship opportunity.  Artists that have been featured in "The Eye" include The Stones, Paul McCartney, CCR, Van Morrison and Heart, among others.


The Acoustic Storm is a proven ratings winner and "cume magnet" with a ten year record of success! The show has risen to the top ranks of Persons 25-54, and has become a staple for pro-active listeners who consider The Acoustic Storm "appointment radio" every weekend.

The Acoustic Storm is available on a barter basis, in both three-hour and two-hour formats. Contact USRN below - or visit for more info.


"The Acoustic Storm is a great way for our listeners to hear the acoustic side of their favorite artists. From Clapton unplugged to a rare acoustic demo by The Doors, The Acoustic Storm is an extension of our Classic format that reinforces our variety and diversity." 

-Tony Coles, SVP/Programming iHeartRadio, West Region.

"We get a tremendous amount of good feedback on the show. It's very common for a client to mention 'that acoustic show you guys have on Sunday.'"

-Jessica Palmer, WXRC-The Ride/Charlotte, NC.

"From the first week we started running the Acoustic Storm, our listeners started letting us know much they loved the show. It's loaded with really unique versions of songs that you can't hear anywhere else. The Acoustic Storm is a perfect fit for Free 98.1." 

-Dan Wylie, Blackburn Radio: CKLO, London, Ontario, Canada.

"The Acoustic Storm has been a ratings winner for 96.1 KLPX! It is usually #1 Men 25-54, and Top 2 Persons 25-54. Because we are harder than most classic rock stations in the country, I was hesitant to run the 3 hour version. But ratings like this don't lie. We're also running same-day rebroadcasts of the 3-hour Acoustic Storm on our HD channel Sundays between noon and midnight. It proves that even guys who like AC/DC and G n'R like acoustic classic rock sippin' on their coffee Sunday Mornings in Tucson!" 

-Larry Mac, KLPX, Tucson, AZ.

"The show continues to rave reviews on the Central Coast. I love AS too as a PD and as a listener. We have it on all our Classic Rock and Classic Hits stations."

-Kenny Allen, KHIP, Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz, CA.

"Wind-FM has carried The Acoustic Storm for many years, and it has consistently produced great ratings. It's an excellent fit for Sundays and our sponsorships are sold out for the show."

-Hunter, WNDD/WNDT/WNDN, Gainesville-Ocala, FL.

"Our listeners frequently tell us how much they love your show. A listener even sent me a Storm magnet!" 

-Matt Bern, Territory 104.1 FM, Darwin, Australia.

"For Spring, The Acoustic Storm was #1 with a 10.4 for Persons 25-54."

-Jamey Karr, KXGL, Amarillo, TX.