25 Years Of Hits

25 Years Of Hits

2 Hour Weekly Show

Fits alongside any contemporary countdown or Classic Country show

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Fun trivia and flashbacks

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Country’s only “COUNT UP”! Playing the #1 Country Hits from each of the last 25 years.


Host Mike Allen delivers a solid two hours of hit music by presenting the song that was #1 this week in each of the past 25 years… hence, 25 YEARS OF HITS! No other show presents such a high percentage of #1 songs, and no other show packs as many great memories into two fast-paced hours. The show was designed to be a transition from an early morning classic country show back into your regular format, and of course the #1 songs from the past few years are still red hot recurrents. In an era where icons in Country are as popular as ever, 25 YEARS OF HITS is the perfect show.

25 Years of Hits Demo
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