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"On behalf of everyone here at 850KOA, I want to thank you and your team for the excellent service you provided to our listeners during yesterday's on-going weather events in the Denver Metro Area. The amount of hail, rain, lightning and possible tornado sightings are what everyone is talking about today! The storm woke many of us up overnight and it was your fine coverage and helpful communication that made our coverage complete. We were on it, thanks to you and team Accuweather."

Kathy Walker, News Director, 850KOA, Denver, CO


"AccuWeather correctly forecast Floyd to stay 700 miles east of Florida, while others had it nearly make landfall. When it comes to hurricanes and severe weather, no one is more accurate than Accu Weather."

Jim Poling, Director of Operations Florida Radio Network 


"AccuWeather issued a forecast predicting the target of Katrina’s landfall nearly 12 hours before the NHC (National Hurricane Center) issued its first warning, and argued the extra time could have aided evacuation of the region."

Final Report of the Select Bipartisan Committee of the U.S. Congress to Investigate the Preparation for and Response to Hurricane Katrina 


"We have been an AccuWeather affiliate through United Stations for two years now. It is a fantastic service! I've had local Police and Municipal officials tell me how much they appreciate the accuracy of our weather forecasts since we've switched to AccuWeather. Listeners have commented about our forecasts being more accurate than the regional TV weathermen, and advertisers on our weather forecasts are extremely satisfied."

Bill Lakatas, Station Manager, WMGH-FM


<p"During the recent severe weather outbreak, the up to the minute texts and emails from AccuWeather allowed WIFE to keep our listeners up to date. Our relationship with AccuWeather has allowed us to become the premiere station in our coverage area for accurate weather forecasts. The AccuWeather team delivers what we need when we need it, and when severe weather breaks out, they are there for us. Interesting to note, their forecasts are more on target than the TV Meteorologist we used for years out of Indianapolis."

Ted Cramer, Program Director, WIFE-AM/FM



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