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Aug 02, 2017


Listener Comments Serve as Centerpiece of New Resource Package

New York, NY – August 1, 2017 -- United Stations Radio Networks, Inc. (“USRN”), an independent leader in the creation and marketing of network radio programming, production and morning show services, announced today the official introduction of a new prep service for radio stations called SPARK.    At the core of the service is a daily feed of call-in comments from listeners intended to “spark” further audience engagement.   The announcement came from Margaret Verghese, the company's VP/Comedy and Prep Services at USRN headquarters in New York.

SPARK is a complete prep service with a focus on listener audio that will spark engagement from your audience. The service also includes daily news, entertainment and music stories, lifestyle content, topical audio, topical video and other useful prep, but the unique benefit of Spark is its daily library of listener audio providing audience feedback and commentary on trending  entertainment and lifestyle topics.  

While introducing the new SPARK service, Margaret Verghese explained, “It’s ironic but the last thing we use our smartphones for is an actual phone call.  Our broadcast clients are experiencing that trend and they told us that if we could provide the kind of audio needed to get the phones to ring in the studio, that there would be tremendous value in that, so that’s what we’ve built this new service around.”   There are also many other reasons to use the audio provided in this feed ranging from the legal implication of airing live calls to being able to control the content and also provide points of view not necessarily represented by the talent.

For more information regarding SPARK, potential clients can visit SparkUnitedStations or contact Danny Ocean at docean@unitedstations.com or 610.585.8467. 

United Stations Radio Networks, Inc. is America's leading independently owned and operated radio network.   USRN currently produces and distributes dozens of format-specific programs and services accounting for over 6000 affiliations with commercial radio stations across the country.  The New York-based company maintains programming, sales and affiliate marketing offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington and Nashville.   USRN was founded in 1994 by radio pioneers Dick Clark and Nick Verbitsky.   


Contact:    Andy Denemark, andyd@unitedstations.com - (212) 536-3603